42 here and there

42 appears in various places...

Frá Möggu Dóru (www.maggadora.com)

The most popular locker at the swimmingpool!

Nice Alfa

Not a pretty sight, but check the house number

Right size for me!

Danger 42!

November 12th - 42 days to christmas

Mosfellsbaer, Iceland, June 23rd, 2010

A marked dollar bill (from Ása Bjarnadóttir, ViralBostonian)

On 4.2.07 (d.m.y) they announced a road for 4,2 billion kronas.... From: Dagný Reykjalín


Shaq-Attack in the NBA March 2003

42 minutes ago

Channel 42 to the rescue

Found on the beach..

Ágúst 2010: Á réttum stað í röðinni í undirskriftalista.

The (surprise) result of some calculation. ;-)

Even Ratbert knows the answer!

Eiður Smári and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink doing great things for Chelsea.

Ambulance in the movie Jay and Silent Bob strike again. (quite fuzzy but it's there!)

Krýsuvíkurvegur (the road to Krýsuvík) is highway number 42 in Iceland.

Ingimar's Nokia can print out 42. Okok.. it's almost cheating..

Mailing a 0-20gr letter in Iceland costs 42 icelandic krónur.

This 42 is really in stealth mode but maybe it's just me but I can't see any other number than 42 on the license plate. ;-)

Prison bus number 42 in the movie Wrongfully Accused.

A surprising value on a web statistics page.

Prison bus number 42 in the movie Fugutive.

News about the icelandic krona on the news web mbl.is

The number of countries that are involved in the work of Kidlink in June 2002.

The trip meter on the car while hunting houses numbered 42.

Quite a lot of scenes in the movie Little Nicky take place in Grand Central Station on 42nd street.

42 desimeter height limit on Miklabraut in Reykjavík.

42 meters of toilet paper per roll. No more, no less. :-)

Reykjavík buscompany's 42nd bus.

At approx. 7:42 AM Brad Pitt is saved from prison in the movie Spy Game.

Ingimar played a round of Texas Scramble with employees of the National Registry (icel. Hagstofa Íslands). The score turned out to be 42. :-)

Noticed this when watching the TV show 24.

Cheese from Akureyri, Iceland has this number printed on it.

This is not the first time this car has this milage on it...

A little football joke making the rounds around World Cup time.

A quick and easy proof, using bc, that 6 times 9 is really 42 (in base13).

42 Caplets per pack.

Picture from Phoenix

Nice sweater!

A nephew built this after seeing the 42.is site.

The road to Bonn (Germany)

The car in front in a jam on an German Autobahn.

The Icelandic Golf Federation was founded in 1942.

The first bill Tryggvi got at his new home the day he moved in.

Fate set in when the video was stopped. This is NOT a setup! :-)

Lagerfeld lost 42 Kg in 13 months!

The wind reached 42 meter per second.

A very interesting example from the default net-snmp SNMP daemon config file.

A coord of exactly the right lenght!

Millage on Tryggvi's car during Christmas 2002

Ingimar's shirt size

Today's dish at Arhus central station in Denmark. Tempting...

BMW press photo of the new 335i

Table nr. 42 at resturant (thanx Valli :-) )

42 want to buy Danól and Ölgerðin

Another locker (Neskaupsstaður)

SJE coworker got 42 points on his golf score card

Big sign at Hekla

The rate of burglery in Hafnarfjörður is up!

Ticket for seat no 42 (from Ása Bjarnadóttir, ViralBostonian)

Benedikt Björgvinsson, sporting the number at an early age (from Þórdís Einarsdóttir).

42 cm of "Bagepapir"

Ingimar's nephew in his new underwear. Looking good!

Ingimar's order number at the great resturant American Style in Reykjavik

Ingimar's car finally reached the great milestone of 42000km.

New York 42nd street

42000 have seen Shrek 2 in Iceland (ad from Morgunblaðið Aug. 7. 2004)

Only 42 minutes left of dishwashing

Our new 42 blanket!

Item #42 on some magazine's Xmas wishlist

42% discount on chicken breasts

From the Icelandic TV show Kallakaffi, the answer is a part of the set.

Spotted in Amsterdam

Apple iPod market share in Japan January 2003

IsNIC news flash

KBBanki advertises their 4.2% loans

42 people participated in one of the competitions at www.ljosmyndakeppni.is


Another Volvo birthday

Montoya in Nascar

Cartoon from the brilliant artist Clay Bennett

In the New York City Subway System. Picture: Sólrún Ósk Lárusdóttir

In the New York City Subway System. Picture: Sólrún Ósk Lárusdóttir

The Opera webbrowser is now available in 42 languages including Icelandic!

Penguin Computing Promise # 42 ....

How many chairs have you broken this year? *

Not everybody can use channel 42 (related to the rescue image)

Bíll í Málmey, ökumaðurinn er víst á sextugsaldri og veit tilgang lífsins... og hefur góðan bílasmekk! Mynd: Jón Mýrdal.

Tryggvi's new car after only 42km!

Another car another 42.000km

Aerial 42

Silvía Nótt chances of winning Eurovision

A 42 sq.m. "snail" in a power plant

Pjúsarafélag Íslands (www.pjus.is) is making sure The Answer doesn't change

Top of the pops quits after 42 years

Toyota Land Cruiser 42 (4,2L engine)

Petition for a practice track in Iceland, the start of something good?

42 more to reach 300.000 Icelandic people

42 more to reach 300.000 Icelandic people

42 km longer

42 posts on ljosmyndakeppni.is