The history of in pictures

Various pictures regarding the birth and history of

The initial bid document that later secured us the immortal domain name.

The announcement from the bid on numberic domains from ISNIC 29th of May 2002. viewed in Internet Explorer (first version of page).

The 42 group assembled on MSN Messenger.

2nd generation page.

The time that this very photo album has been viewed 42 times.

A special version of to celebrate a friends 42nd birthday.

The men behind Photo taken before watching The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy on DVD.

The photogallery reaches the goal of 42 pictures on July 18th 2002. This photo is therefore the 43rd. ;-)

It had to happen. Our very first spam letter to Interesting that this email address has never existed.

The "Here and there" album hits 42 photos!

The third generation of gets some publicity on the forum where some people don't seem to grasp the concept. ;-)